Only 20 Will Be Chosen, Will You Be One?

Results RoundTable 



  “Creating Wealthy Relationships for life”

Four times a year, in four different and unique locations throughout North America, high achievers and top entrepreneurs, come together for just one reason.

To build real wealth, you need to leverage the POWER of the mastermind. To achieve your objectives and collapse time frames, you need strong, powerful, high trust relationships.

The Results RoundTable is not for everyone. This is not a seminar. No one will be pitching anything. This is real collaboration, with a focus on contribution. Actually, this is ALL focused around contribution… Okay so it’s actually more than one reason.

Every Results RoundTable member makes a commitment to contribution. Their commitment is always rewarded in a multitude of ways, and many of which were not initially anticipated.

  •       Strong, Powerful and High Trust relationships with World Class Game Changers
  •       Growth, Knowledge and High-Level Coaching from 19 other World Class Game Changers
  •       Powerful opportunities to learn from leading organizations in North America – Business Tours
  •       Access to Bestselling Author, Number 1 International Speaker and Results Coach, Shawn Shewchuk
  •       Power Mastermind Dinners during every live weekend.
  •    A community that masterminds together, eats together, learns together and that have done millions of dollars of business over that dinner table
  •       A community where members have 5X’ed and even 10X’ed their business ventures and income.
  •       There aren’t multiple levels of membership, just one… Platinum (check out below… its gets even better)
  •       Once you are a member, you will receive your very own personalized Platinum Results RoundTable black membership card.


Upon acceptance, you will be a member of the Results RoundTable – Class of 2020.

Your Results RoundTable Platinum membership is not just for a year, it is for life. Yes, you read that right, your Platinum membership is good for life.

Countless entrepreneurs and high achievers want to be a part of our community, and every year hundreds of people apply. Only 20 are accepted into the Results RoundTable each year. That’s right, just you and 19 other rock stars contributing, collaborating, building high trust relationships and creating wealth.



Who is Shawn Shewchuk?

Shawn is the founder and the leader of the Results RoundTable Mastermind.  He leads group discussion, stimulates the growth mindset and nurtures the relationships that are established within the group. 

With a successful track record of delivering results to over eight thousand clients, over 2,000 media appearances and numerous accolades, Shawn is considered the “Go-To” for those entrepreneurs, executives and high achievers that are driven to achieve more and collapse time frames.
Shawn Shewchuk is the Founder and President of Change Your Results!, a global change agency with clients located around the globe.  

Having worked directly with over 8700 Entrepreneurs and high achievers over the past few decades, Shawn has been coined as the number 1 results coach in the Country. 

 He is also the Founder and Publisher of Results Press, a publishing company that brings a fresh approach to assisting those with a story and a message that need a platform from which to launch.

For nearly two and half decades, Shawn has shared his message of change as an international speaker, and through his first bestselling book, Change Your Mind, Change Your Results. He was featured in the movie The One Minute Success System with Brian Tracy. He also produced a second full length production , GameChanger.

Besides his love of travel and family, he is passionate of empowering transformation within individuals and entrepreneurs.

Shawn knows business, he has built operated and profited from 43 companies to date. Through his speaking, publications, articles and videos his message has impacted millions. With a global reach, Shawn Shewchuk has become known as the number 1 international speaker and Results Coach.


Apply today for the premiere think-tank on steroids. The Results RoundTable is the only High Level Mastermind that the offers it’s members all of the advantages and world class experiences that Shawn has built into this incredible program. We are accepting applications for the class of 2020, and upon acceptance, you will be a member for life. Benefit the from your relationships within this growing and vibrant community forever.

About Results RoundTable

Results RoundTable Mastermind is one of the most competitive Masterminds to get accepted into.  We ensure all members of the RoundTable are there not only to learn, but to contribute!

Apply today to give yourself the best opportunity possible to achieve your dreams and ultimately change your life. 

4 Destinations

There is no other mastermind group in the world that offers the kind of adventures and experiences that the Results RoundTable members get to embark on.  Learn from experience, travel and business masters.


Relational Wealth

Networking simply does not happen over the phone or meeting once a year at a conference.  No, networking occurs over a dinner, while touring incredible destinations and sharing a glass of wine.  Results RoundTable has created the perfect platform to provide TRUE networking potential.


Learn From Shawn

While there are so-called mastermind groups, there are none as results focused as the Results RoundTable. The Results RoundTable Mastermind is the Number ONE high level mastermind in the world. Our diverse membership is comprised of high achievers and entrepreneurs from across North America and beyond.



Incredible Events

Each year there will be countless experiences along the Results RoundTable journey… In the past there has been bonus activities, celebrity guest speakers and collaborations that have significantly impacted the lives of all the mastermind members!



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