Learn from experience

In past years, members of the Results RoundTable have traveled to unique locations around North America.  Each location presents itself with once in a lifetime experiences and opportunities, and the Results group takes full advantage of what each destination has to offer.  

Imagine touring behind the scenes of some of the most successful sport franchises in the world, which are ran and operated by legendary business owners.  

Or perhaps one of the largest automobile sellers in the entire world…

Or sipping on some on world renowned bottles of wine while going VIP and behind the scenes in some of the most amazing wineries within North America…

4 Locations.. Endless Possibilities

Four times a year, in four different and unique locations throughout North America, high achievers and top entrepreneurs, come together for just one reason. To build real wealth, you need to leverage the POWER of the mastermind. To achieve your objectives and collapse time frames, you need strong, powerful, high trust relationships. The Results RoundTable is not for everyone. This is not a seminar. No one will be pitching anything. This is real collaboration, with a focus on contribution. Actually, this is ALL focused around contribution… Okay so it’s actually more than one reason.
Travel | Transform