Join 19 other top performing, hand selected individuals in one of the most highly anticipated Master Mind Groups of the year!

“Turn Data Into Action.”

"High-level entrepreneurs leverage the most powerful tool in business without trying to reinvent the wheel"
Shawn shewchuk

What Each Quarter Looks Like

First Quarter - Leverage the Power of the Mind

Shawn will share with you what Napoleon Hill described as "the most powerful: tool available to us.
His driven approach, built on one of the oldest and most trusted methodologies known to us, will dramatically transform your business, life and relationships in ways that you can't yet fathom.
Mr. Hill let us in on a secret, he said something like this, you can accomplish more in a year with the mastermind than you can in a lifetime on your own!


Second Quarter - Create Your Customized Destination

You'll develop and outline the point form structure of your company, direction and life - including the tailored strategy, the approach and responsibilities necessary to realize on your step-by-step blueprint.
Shawn and your team assist you to design your personal "Blue-Print" in a way that allows you to achieve more while collapsing time frames...

Achieve MORE in LESS time

Third Quarter - Success to Significance

You are already successful, what's next?

Shawn will guide you through a series of 3 little known practices that will substantially augment what you are currently doing...

... allowing you to experience the RESULTS you want, faster!

More importantly, Shawn will give you the answers, which will take you from "Success to Significance"

Fourth Quarter - Results Progression Plan

At this point in the process, you already have most of the tools to get moving.

Progressive Growth is a recipe, and Shawn will share his proven methodology based on human behavior and psychology.
His real-life experience with literally thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses, will allow you to flourish in your initiatives now and in the future.

It's not about sustaining, its about calculated and deliberate growth.

You'll never again wonder how to keep the momentum going, you'll be equipped to develop extraordinary pro

This is a very sought after masterclass!  With that being said, only 20 members can partake in order for the group to have optimal performance and to make sure everyone is getting maximum benefits from being a part of this group! 

If you are determined to make a serious change in your business, create life long relationships and experience growth in all aspects of your life, apply below!