“Imagine Being Part of an Inner Circle of Elite Entrepreneurs Who are Passionate, Purpose Driven and Want to Contribute to Your Bottom While Engineering a Path to Ultimate Profits.”

This is Unlike Any “Mastermind Group” You’ve Seen in the Past. Our Results Roundtable Has Seen Over $44 Million in Business Deals Being Done Across the Table!

4 times per year, 20 people gather together, in different locations, to explore their challenges,

create solutions together and enhance their businesses and business skills unlike any time before.

When you come together with this group, you don’t have to think about what you’ll take away from it.

Simply GIVE the time to contribute and you’ll find “like” contribution comes back to you better than you would have ever expected.

That’s what a “true” mastermind is all about.

Surrounding yourself with success, holding one another accountable, creating lifelong relationships and helping one another grow.

Masterminds were traditionally meant to be experiential, interactive and a non-structured approach that transforms strangers to friends, contributors to benefactors and turning business ideas into gifts of gratitude that show a return time and again.

After traveling to some of the most successful masterminds in existence today, we found what works, what doesn’t and why some of these groups last for decades…

…not weeks.

This is truly the most powerful business and success tool available to us and, when done right…

"Imagine How Much More You’ll Be Able to Accomplish When You Utilize and Leverage these High-Trust, Powerful and Productive Relationships While Having Fun and Helping Others!”

Being of service, while building the framework and network of growth and prosperity allows you to grow and your business to catapult exponentially, doing only what you want; while leveraging the vast resources of this proven approach.

There are no sales or pitches, this is a real mastermind.

There is only a one-time investment, your membership is lifetime and you are always welcome to come to future events after the first year.*

This is about…

*small fee may apply








Gifts of Gratitude from members-to-members




Not wanting to leave when each quarterly event is over


Your Own Accountability Partner


Being a Member of Something Bigger than You FOR LIFE!

Shawn Shewchuk

When many of North America’s high achievers seek a strategic expert to assist them in the achievement and acceleration their results, they typically seek out or are introduced to Shawn Shewchuk. Shawn Shewchuk is committed to studying, understanding and helping others achieve more, in less time. If you want to better your life, your career or business, and of course your results, you need to meet Shawn. Shawn Shewchuk is the authority on Results!

Shawn has been described as the “Results Specialist,” who facilitates a positive outcomes. Every individual or organization that Shawn partners with, benefits from his extensive network of contacts and friends.

Shawn is frequently asked to speak at events around the world, and is sought out as the expert on the topics of business, success and results by media outlets and publications across North America and abroad. He is the author of numerous publications, articles and e-books including the bestseller, Change Your Mind, Change Your Results. Shawn is the #1 Results Coach in the Country!

In today’s world, more than ever, every business owner and entrepreneur must re-tune themselves to the fact that we are social creatures who, when left to our own devices, tend to fall out of touch with how business relationships and growth works.

When coupled with a strong group of people like you, who have a growing interest in your progress, growth and development…

…you’ll find that skyrocketing business profits and expanding your legacy becomes easier, more fun and better than you’ve ever had the ability to achieve on your own.

As I traveled the world, I’ve been blessed to have access to people who developed, grew and fostered mastermind relationships successfully for decades.

Who were these people to have such great success at masterminds?

What did these groups do that others seemed to fail at?

Where did they meet and find the people for the “perfect” group?

Why was it their relationships and results surpassed the averages?

How did they build these high-trust, powerful and productive relationships while seeming to just have fun while helping others in their group?

It comes down to one thing…

High-Level Entrepreneurs Leverage the Most Powerful Tool in Business Without Trying to Re-Invent the Wheel

Your next step will be to fill out the form on the next page. I will personally look over your application and schedule a call with you.

Napoleon Hill once said something like You can accomplish more in a year with the mastermind, than you can in a lifetime on your own.

With this POWERFUL realization and a truly enhanced approach to the mastermind, we developed the Results Roundtable for an exclusive group of not more than 20 entrepreneurs and is by invitation only.

This is your opportunity, but to truly see if we are a right fit, everyone MUST fill out an application and speak to me personally before gaining access to this group.

Let’s Talk About What Each Quarter Looks Like and How You’ll Benefit by Submitting Your Application to Join the

Results Roundtable Today

First Quarter: Leverage the Power of the Mastermind

Shawn will share with you what Napoleon Hill described as "the most powerful" tool available to us.

His proven approach, built on one of the oldest and most trusted methodologies known to us, will dramatically transform your business, life and relationships in ways that you can't yet fathom.

Mr. Hill let us in on a secret, he said something like this, you can accomplish more in a year with the mastermind, than you can in a lifetime on your own.


Second Quarter: Create Your Customized Destination

You'll develop and outline the point form structure of your company, direction and life - including the tailored strategy, the approach and responsibilities necessary to realize on your step-by-step blueprint.

Shawn and your team assist you to design your personal "Blue-Print" in a way that allows you to achieve more while collapsing time frames...

More in less time!

Third Quarter: Success to Significance

You are already successful, what's next?

Shawn will guide you through a series of 3 little known practices that will substantially augment what you are currently doing…

…allowing you to experience the RESULTS you want, faster.

More importantly, Shawn will give you the answers, which will take you from “Success to Significance.”

Fourth Quarter: Results Progression Plan

At this point in the process, you already have most of the tools to get moving.

Progressive Growth is a recipe, and Shawn will share his proven methodology based on human behavior and psychology.

His real-life experience with literally thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses, will allow you to flourish in your initiatives now and in the future.

It's not about sustaining.

It's about calculated and deliberate growth.

You'll never again wonder how to keep the momentum going, you'll be equipped to develop extra-ordinary processes that will give you everything you need.

“The Rest of the Time Spent Together is Focused on Un-Structured Idea Imagineering, Building Stronger Bonds and Relationships with Other Members and Contributing to the Group While Others Contribute to You!”

We are only accepting applications for a limited time and accepting a maximum of 20 people.

Here’s the thing, as I said before, we are only selecting 20 members for this group. That’s not a scarcity thing. As you know, masterminds will not function if there are too many people in the group.

Also, every member MUST apply before granted entry.

Your next steps will be to click on the APPLY BUTTON and fill our our application form. I will personally review your application and schedule a call with you.

Keep in mind, this isn’t some $500 group. The investment is not astronomical, but it’s also not for the faint of heart.

There will be a sizeable investment of time, energy, effort, and finances.

So, if that scares you…this is obviously not for you.

You will be traveling to meet with your group 4 times per year, for two days across North America. If you believe this is not a possibility for you, please do not apply.

If what you read today has shown you the true power of what being part of group like this can do for you and the other stipulations we just mentioned doesn’t scare you away, then simply fill out the application, we’ll schedule a call and take it from there.